DEC starts punishment of Mongu magistrate who said DEC fames people

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has started meting out punishment for a Mongu based magistrate who exposed the Commission’s evil schemes of ‘planting’ drugs and pornography on innocent citizens. The magistrate is in the process of being fired.

And specific details have emerged why the Mongu teacher at the centre of this matter was planted with pornographic materials by DEC officers and later arrested. A DEC officer was angered and vowed revenge when he was ordered to pay the schoolteacher for sleeping with his wife and thereby breaking the marriage.

Magistrate Chikoko Liyungu on Tuesday Nov 26, 201 acquitted a man who was facing charges of possessing obscene material on his computer.

Mwiya Kwalombota, a teacher at Kambole High School, was arrested by the DEC and charged with possessing obscene material tending to corrupt public morals – pornography.

But when the matter came for judgment, Magistrate Liyungu said Kwalombota was innocent but was just framed by the DEC.

She criticized DEC for framing innocent citizens and told the open court that DEC has lost all credibility.

But this censure from the Magistrate angered the entire DEC especially at the Headquarters in Lusaka.

DEC vowed to ‘draw first blood’.

Just after reading that article on your website this morning, the director convened an emergency meeting with her top confidants to see how to deal with that matter,’ sources told the Watchdog last week.

In the meeting, the director General Alita Mbawhe told her confidants that she would compile a list of troublesome magistrates and judges and give the list to president Michael Sata for action.

Mbawhe promised that the Mongu based magistrate who criticised DEC will be on the top of the list that will be submitted to Sata.

True to that vow by the DEC boss, senior judicial officers in Lusaka have called for the file of Magistrate Chikoko Liyungu. The file was submitted on Tuesday with a cover letter from DEC. The cover letter brands the magistrate as a corrupt element.

Sources in the Judiciary in Lusaka told the Watchdog that as a first step, magistrate Liyungu will either be suspended or sent to amore rural area while waiting more grave punishment.

In Mongu, the DEC has appealed against the acquittal of the framed schoolteacher to the High Court.

One of the grounds of appeal is that since the Director of Public Prosecutions consented to his prosecution, it means the evidence against him was not manufactured by DEC.

But a perusal of court papers at the local courts in Mongu by the Watchdog shows that the DEC officer arrested the teacher was found liable of committing adultery with the same schoolteacher’s wife a few months ago.

DEC officer Likando Malumo was fined K5000 (K5M) by a Mongu local court for adultery with Mwiya Kwalombota’s wife. Mwiya later divorced his wife.

DEC officer Likando Malumo then connived with other officers and went to plant pornographic materials at the teacher’s house.

To achieve his purpose, he worked with a Zambia Police officer Morrison Shampule, who went and lied on oath that the teacher’s computer was analysed by an IT expert.

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