DEC summons Kambwili, unlikely to be arrested

DEC summons Kambwili, unlikely to be arrested

The Drug Enforcement Commission has summoned Chishimba Kambwili in an effort to compel him to disclose what he knows about drug trafficking at State house.

Yesterday, DEC phoned Kambwili and requested him to voluntarily submit all the information he has about allegations of drug trafficking by Findlay using presidential planes.

Kambwili refused to cooperate.

The Watchdog understands that, after Kambwili’s refusal to submit information voluntarily, DEC made an executive decision to compel him to submit data he has.

During the phone call, Kambwili was invited to meet DEC at his place of choice but after refusing, DEC decided to evoke its powers to compel him to appear at its offices.

The Watchdog understands that State house was unhappy that DEC had not interviewed Kambwili.

DEC itself is said to be under pressure from international anti drug agencies to get to the bottom of Kambwili’s allegations.

Kambwili is unlikely to be arrested unless while at DEC he commits the offence of giving false information to a public officer.

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