DEC to intensify planting elicit drugs on opponents- DEC Sources

The Drug Enforcement Commissioner (DEC) has embarked on a project to systematically inject and plant elicit drugs and other banned substances on individuals they believe are of high value or enemenies of the state.

One innocent family of Tanzanian origin is already in detention because his businesses are giving stiff competition to some power forces in the government.

Highly placed sources from within DEC have disclosed that the project is part of the scheme to frame people such as business opponents to those in government, political opponents, journalists, members of civil society organisations, some lawyers and even Members of Parliament so as to knock them out.

“It is very unfair but we have been detailed to carry-out this scheme. It is like the system have now realized that most of the political cases against opposition politicians, journalists, and business opponents to those in power, that are currently going on won’t hold. So the new scheme is now to plant drugs in people’s homes, vehicles and label them as drug traffickers, a charge which is none bailable,” highly placed DEC sources have disclosed.

Sources say they are also highly depressed with the level panic and desperation by president Michael Sata’s regime that is now targeting innocent individuals and have them knocked-out of circulation through this evil scheme of none bailable offence of drug trafficking.

Sources cited the case of civil rights activist Brebner Changala where deworming tablets that were found in his house were quickly exchanged with a banned substance to frame him as one such scheme that was aimed at removing him from circulation as he battles out the case while inceralated.

“What saved Changala is that the lawyers had samples of the same tablets they got from his maid otherwise he would have been in cells or even imprisoned for good on a purely framed charge. We have tried that case of planting pornographic materials on journalists computers but that is not helping matters because the offence is bailable and very difficult to prove,” sources have disclosed.

Sources said currently there is a case of an individual who may not be so known by the mane of Iqbal Bahadur of Villa Elizabetha and his wife Lily who were arrested last week because his business runs in direct conflict with other people in government and they are not happy with it.

“With this individual, we basically went to his house and planted cocaine at his house in his absence and is currently detained with his wife but the truth is his business is in competition with some connected to this government,” sources said.

Sources said Mr. Iqbal was detained last week on Thursday and was supposed to appear for plea yesterday.

“What happened is this man was out of Lusaka on some business meeting. Only the wife and children were home so it was ease to ambush them. The wife was first arrested but when he came back, he demanded that he be arrested instead of the wife as he could not stand a situation where both him and the wife were in police custody. But DEC forced a confession from him as a way of releasing the wife. But later he was advised by his lawyers that it was better they are jointly charged to which the wife also agreed because they are genuinely innocent, but business competitors with some powerful people in government,” DEC sources have disclosed.

DEC sources have now advised citizens that whenever DEC officers go to their homes for searching, it is better they do their best in searching them first before the enter the premises.

“People must also be mindful how they leave their vehicles at car washing places because that is also our serious target to plant these drugs on people’s vehicles at car washing premises and later follow the owners and have them arrested. In Zambia any elicit drugs found on someone above 0.5 grams is regarded as drug trafficking and is none bailable offence. So you can see this is a very small quantity we can easily place anyway in the vehicle or premises without the owner noticing,” sources have disclosed.

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