Deceased 80-year old Zambian envoy in Malaysia is KK’s brother-in-law

The Zambian Ambassador, Miles Kaweche Banda, who died in Malaysia yesterday at the age of 80 years qualified for that position by virtue of being the young brother to late Kenneth Kaunda’s wife Mama Betty Banda-Kaunda.

For those who have forgotten, Miles Banda is actually that man who gave the life history during the funeral service of his late elder sister Betty Kaunda at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

You may also remember president Michael Sata confessing during the funeral service that his father was the one who was the go between young Kenneth and young Betty and facilitated the marriage in Mpika, now the favored Muchinga province.

Whenever Kaunda goes to State House like he did last week when he went to discuss the deteriorating health condition of the now deceased Miles Kaweche Banda, the visits are nothing but family discussions.

In short, educational qualifications in Mr. Sata’s government are among the least considerations in appointments because for him the country has to run like a family business, despite being the one to quickly point at other people as tribalists or nepotistic like he did with late president Levy Mwanawasa who he accused of running a family tree.

With this relationship, the nation is assured of another national mourning despite Mr. Sata’s government not having declared one during the funeral of late Zambia’s first Cardinal Merdardo Mazombwe who waged a massive world campaign to have Zambia’s debt be cancelled so that Mr. Sata and his relatives can start borrowing from a clean slate.

And remember there was also no national mourning for late FODEP president Foston Sakala, a democracy hero who brought Kaunda and opposition parties together at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross where muilty-party politics was born for Mr. Sata to be president today.

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