Deceitful reduction in Load-shedding


We have noted sadly how ZESCO has recently been managing their load-shedding schedule.

Instead of rotating the timings at which different residential areas are subjected to load-shedding these PF cadres, placed at ZESCO have subjected us to daily load-shedding from 16hrs to 22hrs in Woodlands Extension area [along Buluwe Road], which is opposite Woodlands B and in most parts of Chilenje South around Chris Corner.

Why has ZESCO decided to give this area a fixed daily timing [16hrs to 22hrs] of load-shedding when both President Chagwa and the Energy Minister Dora Siliya told the nation that the burden of load-shedding has to be shared equally?

ZESCO should be know that we also want to have access to electricity during normal peak time [17hrs to 20hrs] and not to subject others to paying for costly alternatives sources such as buying fuel for generators on a daily basis. This is very unfair. In any case, this period of reloaded load-shedding is more expensive than people may think.

Anyway, what should we expect from this deceitful government of PF? That’s one reason they must start packing and go on 11th August, 2016.

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