Decent dressing prevents sexual abuse, says Zambia Police

THE Zambia Police Service has prescribed a dress code for visitors to the institution as part of efforts to maintain decency.

Police Service deputy commissioner-in-charge of operations Solomon Jere said no-one, whether civilian or otherwise, can be allowed to enter the police headquarters if they are inappropriately dressed.

He said the rule applies to both sexes and there is no exception on account of colour, culture or nationality.

According to the rules, indecent dress includes sleeveless tops or dresses, muscle shirts in the case of men, short skirts or dresses, long slits and leggings (unless they are partially concealed by a skirt that stretches below the knee).

The other items on the list are caps, goggles, see-through tops or dresses, bare backs and tight-fitting trousers for both sexes.

Dr Jere said the measure is intended to maintain decency in the workplace. For him, the catchword is modesty.

Police want to enhance the dignity of both men and women.

If a member of the public does not meet the dress code, there is no need to despair because the police offer some help.

“We keep chitenges (wrappers) for those who we believe are indecently dressed,” Dr Jere said.

The materials are kept at the reception so that the indecency is disguised as soon as it is noted.

On the way out, the visitors leave the chitenge at the reception or else the omission would be considered as theft.

Although members of the public may complain that they are not aware of the stipulated dress code, the police service is determined to enforce the rule and that is what it exists for, anyway.

It also does not matter whether it is an issue of one’s human rights or not.

“We realise people have a right to dress, but there are limits. When you are at home, you can wear anything, but not when you are in a public place,” Dr Jere said.

The deputy police commissioner recognises the fact that although Zambia does not have a dress code, decent dress enhances good morals and prevents sexual abuse. 

Courtesy of Zambia Daily Mail

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