Decent spirits accused of tax evasion

Decent spirits accused of tax evasion

illegal Alcoholic Producers and tax evaders of Ndola

Dear Watchdog, allow me to expose these scammers who claim to have control over ZRA and The commissioner General. They  are a Company Called Decent Spirits of NDOLA that are producing Alcoholic Bevarages in Zambia minus payment of any Excise Duty , Due to the Government… Recently they imported a contraband puporting that it was a Cream using my Freight Forwarding Company to Clear through Customs Nakonde.

What puzzled me is that they opted to import the same cream using some Zambian women’s firm; namely Manyando and Tebuho Sitwala , of *Glo Hydrolic & General Dealers

After Customs inspected the same cream , it was discovered that it contained about *80% Alcohol and a bill for Import Tax of *K1,061,620.00* was issued.

These crooks managed to move the contraband to NDOLA minus payment of the TAX to ZRA , and have left an outstanding obligation on my account being the agent that was engaged by a colleague at Nakonde boarder and obliged by ZRA to fullfil all obligations and payments of Import Tax under section 183 and CAP 322 of the LAWS of Zambia.

My personal investigation in NDOLA revealed that the same Indians import empty Bottles using their legal Names thus Decent Spirit Zambia LTD, whereas the Alcoholic Cream is imported using others names such as Glo Hydraulic and General Dealers in this scenario to Evade Excise Duty.

I implore inevestigative wings to look into the matter and am willing to provide the contact details for the people I spoke to whilst trying to solve the matter….

THOMAS BANDA – director Taizar Logistics LTD

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