Declaration of new country to be made by December

Declaration of new country to be made by December

14358992_181033522323385_5755952127637715584_n 14211947_181033178990086_4438511071239738427_n (1)The process to separate North-Western Zambian from the rest of Northern Rhodesia has gained momentum, according to a publication called Northern Rhodesia today 

While the people of the region formerly known as North Eastern Rhodesia will be swearing in their new president Edgar Lungu, the people of the North-western Rhodesia will be consulting on the way forward.

According to people with knowledge of the movement, traditional leaders from Central province, Western, Southern, Copperbelt rural and North-western have been consulting each other from the time the Constitutional Court refused to hear the presidential petition.

It is believed that more than 90 per cent of people in these regions agree with the idea of forming their own country.

‘The question is not whether we should form our own country. There is not question about that. What we are discussing now is how to go about it and when it should be implemented,’ one of the movement leaders revealed.


According to movement leaders, the people of these regions feel incensed due to the ongoing insults and harassment they are subjected to by the people on the other side, including cabinet ministers.

‘We don’t see Lungu as our president, he is the president for Bembas and Nyanjas,’ another orgainser said.

“You know they say no Tonga, Lozi, Luvale, Kaonde or other North westerner will ever rule Zambia, and this has just been demonstrated where HH won the elections but the whole government machinery and courts decided that he is from the wrong tribe. That hurts and hurts deep,’ said one movement leader.

The organisers said that they are very aware of the implications of the route they have chosen as it will mean war but said there is no other way to restore their people’s dignity.

One leader said non Bemba/Nyanja people in Zambia currently feel rejected and live like outcasts. They are insulted and removed from their jobs, even simple jobs in their villages have been given to ‘foreigners’ from the other region.


‘Go to the smallest town in Western province and you will find that almost all council workers are Bembas and Ngonis/Chewas, the same is true in Northwestern and Southern,’ said one of the leaders.

‘This is one Zambia, two nations,’ said one organiser.

According to the organisers, the declaration of the new country will be made before December 2016 once everything has been put in place.


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