‘Declare Edgar Lungu president’


Thank you for being robust and refusing to bow to PF pressure by continuing to publish issues that they would rather not mention, except in their girlfriends’ bedrooms of course.

Now, I think that it is time this country took a decision on president Michael Sata. The man is finished. He is incapable of working. The situation is now like that of former Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon.

I mean, who has seen Sata in the past six months apart from the one or two times where he was made to learn how to walk, and talk again the time he was taken to Mkushi and parliament?

What has happened to Sata from the time he returned from USA? Whatever the case, Sata will never come out and start working again. At that age and after been sick for this long, nature just does not agree.

It is time we declared Edgar Lungu president until 2016. Lungu is far much better than Sata even when Sata is healthy. But of course Lungu is only better than Sata and others in PF. But since they are the ones in power, let us make Lungu president until we go to elections in 2016 or after 90 days. Zambia can’t continue functioning without a president. This is costing the country. The entire world is laughing at us, though diplomatically they will say they wish Sata quick recovery. Privately they are saying why can’t these cowards remove the sick president and chose a normal person. If companies can require a sick director to retire on medical grounds, why shouldn’t a president be forced to go when he clearly can no longer function. Edgar Lungu at least is not tribal like Sata and the rest of them in PF, so lets give him chance to lead us for this period

On a different but related matter, Sata’s woes show that you can’t con God. For close to 20 years, Sata went round the country telling lies (which God detests) just to become president. We do not know what deal Sata made with the smaller god to win elections, but the point is, he won but he has not enjoyed it not even one day.

That is Bible says, a fool piles up wealth but a righteous man will come and enjoy it. For Sata, it is the wise man from the East Edgar Lungu who is enjoying his sweat and product of his lies. The presidency is going back the East where Sata sinfully got it from.  Not even Sata’s children will enjoy because once Sata goes, most of them are going to jail for theft. Remember Lungu is a lawyer and he is likely to be the next Mwanawasa.

I rest my case.

B . K Kayengu

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