Defecting MPs are like foxes and opportunistic diseases- Manda

Dr. Francis Manda has labelled all opposition MPs who have decided to defect or work in the current goverment as Foxes or opportunistic diseases.
Speaking on Manzi Valley radio programe this morning, Dr Manda likened the MPs to diseases that take advantage of weak immune system of HIV positive people.
He also called them foxes noting that foxes can even urinate on themselves. Im Bisa so these MPs who are opportunistic diseases are Chuzwes in bisa. he said.
He also refused to apologise when asked by programe presenter Hebert Mutabi
And QFM reports that the Church in the country has condemned in the strongest terms the continued resignations of Members of Parliament who defecting to the ruling Patriotic Front.

Speaking on behalf the church mother bodies in the country, Evangelical fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza notes that it is disappointing that MPs are resigning from their political parties on the account of working with the Patriotic Front government.

Rev. Mwanza notes that it’s wrong thinking for some MPS to think that they can only work with government when they are in the ruling party.
Rev. Mwanza has urged MPs in the country to realize that by the virtue of them being MPs they are also part of government and therefore an accuse of saying that they can only work with government if they are in the ruling is untrue and is only a wastage of national resources as huge sums of money are being used to host by-elections that are caused by such resignations.

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