Defection ploy fails


imagePF’s Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene, agriculture minister Given Lubinda and Livestock minister Greyford Moonde yesterday had a shock in Monze’s Chikuni village where they staged a defection of 250 UPND members to the ruling PF.

The occasion became a total disaster as UPND members who were paraded to defect on ZNBC camera refused to raise the PF symbol instead raised the UPND’s and chanted ‘Zambia Forward’ despite them being paid K100 each to stage the defection. This angered Mr. Siamunene as his colleagues castigated him for giving the staged defectors money before the occasion, Lubinda further advised Siamunene to emulate what Liato is doing in western province as he pays the defectors after they act according to instructions.

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