Defective ZAF plane was meant to carry HH to Lusaka for court

Defective ZAF plane was meant to carry HH to Lusaka for court

Information obtained from Zambia Air force – ZAF and high officials in the ministry of home affairs is that the plane that was involved in an emergency landing at Kabwe’s Chililalila air strip was meant to transport incarcerated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema from Mukobeko maximum prison where he is being held to Lusaka for court hearing in the matter where Hichilema has cited Religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili. The fault was deliberate and was meant to cause injury or death to Hichilema.   

Hichilema was supposed to be airlifted alone at about 06:30 and along the way somewhere in Chisamba the plane was going to develop a fault and be forced to land near the Zambia National service camp where Hichilema was going to be severely beaten to unconscious levels and then be evacuated abroad for specialist treatment. Upon his return, HH as Hichilema is fondly remembered couldn’t have been the same again.

“The whole idea was not to kill him but it was going to cause an emergency landing and maybe in panic HH could have tried to save himself then in the process be injured, you know when there is an emergency we all run for our lives and lose track of whatever happened, he was then going to be beaten severely by hired thugs and later be expressly evacuated so that Lungu looks to be a good boy, Upon his return he wouldn’t be the same person and then that could have knocked him out. In fact a nolle prosequi in his case was planned to be entered while he is on prolonged treatment that would have seen him about six months out of the country,” said the home affairs source in a detailed interview.

The planned harm on HH was schemed on Sunday afternoon and state house officials have disclosed that ironically, Sumaili who masquerades as an ordained Reverend in Joe Imakando’s Bread of Life Church was present during the evil plan.

Sumaili had earlier expressed concern at why her case did not get a nolle prosequi as was the case with state house press aide and ex convict and Daily Nation newspaper owner Richard Sakala was but was assured that the ‘system’ was on top of things. She was further told not to waste her time going to court on Wednesday and indeed today Sumaili was not in court even though lawyers from both sides showed up at court.


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