Defence minister warns of action against Lozis if they discuss treason

Defence minister warns of action against Lozis if they discuss treason

PF govt Defence minister Mwamba

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has warned convenors of the Barotse National Council (BNC) not to discuss issues that border on treason.
Mwamba, warned Lozis that they will be dealt with severely. He has explained that he has a responsibility of deploying soldiers to any part of the country for operational purposes.

Mr. Mwamba whose party promised to honour the Barotse Agreement within 90 days of coming to power did not specify which issues bordered on treason.

The PF government has deployed soldiers in Western province ahead of the Barotse meeting.

Meanwhile, preparations for the Barotse National Council scheduled to start tomorrow have reached an advanced stage.
An inter-denominational church service was held today in the Kuta at the Litunga’s palace in Limulunga.
The service which was also attended by the Litunga of Western Province, the Ngambela, Senior Indunas and scores of people from within Limulunga and far flung areas was convened to pray for peace ahead of the traditional convocation.
The church service which started at 08:30 hours and only ended at 13:40 hours was also attended by the clergy from various church denominations in Western Province.
The Kuta was filled to capacity with other congregants braving the heat outside to listen to prayers and messages of peace.
At the end of the church service the congregants could not resist dancing to the Sinkoya beat by the royal drummers before the Litunga departed for the main palace.
And the Ngambela of Western Province Clement WainyaeSinyinda has reiterated
the need for those invited to attend the Barotse National Council (BNC) to observe peace and order.
NgambelaSinyinda said the BNC has been called not to fight government but to discuss critical issues affecting the development of Western Province.
Speaking at the end of the inter-denomination church service, NgambelaSinyinda told the congregants that Western Province should maintain its reputation as a peaceful region.
He advised those coming to the meeting that although there is a likelihood of the presence of security personnel in Mongu, they should not engage in any action which will jeopardise the prevailing peaceful environment.
“All of us going to the meeting including myself will only be carrying walking sticks there and this should send a signal that we are convening a peaceful meeting,” he said.
The Ngambela said the meeting was important because it was interesting to see Western Province was at the bottom of the list of underdeveloped areas in the country.
He said it was for this reason that the meeting should be able to find ways and means of addressing the challenges which have put development in reverse gear.
All Barotse Royal Establishments, Diplomats and representatives of governments from within the region have been invited to attend the two-day meeting which opens tomorrow at Saint Francis Catholic Parish in Limulunga.

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