Defence minister’s daughters take over supplying soldiers’ uniforms

Dear Editor,

We as offices at the Zambia airforce & zambia national service would like to express our sadness through your platform .

Defense Minister Davis Chamas daughters have given us hell at our two institutions, they have taken over most of the procurements even Minus having the ability .

The armed forces have a procedure of how they procure anything, but as we speak everything has gone into the hands of the three daughters of Davis Chama, they use him and bulldoze themselves to every office. You can imagine that they actually command our commanders Muma (ZAF) and Mulenga ( ZNS)

As we speak, Muma our Commander has Given them many projects which include the supply of our uniforms. This has never happened before because for security reasons our uniforms must come from within the system but as we speak they have gone to India to get our uniforms and supply other things.

This has never happened in the history of the military but only under PF.

We need a voice to speak for us!

Concerned Officers.

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