Defence, security chiefs move to Scott’s residence

Defence and security chiefs were by 7 hours local time gathered at the residence of vice-president Guy Scott. The top soldiers and cops were waiting to have a meeting with Scott before the announcement of Sata’s death can be made.
Cabinet was said to have met at 05 hours to formalise power transfer from Edgar Lungu to Scott in acting capacity. It is not yet clear if Lungu cowardly agreed to step aside.

Zambia Army Commander Paul Mihova, Zambian Air Force commander General Erick Chimense, Zambia National Service -ZNS- Commandant Lieutenant General Nathan Mulenga and police boss Stella Libongela were seen ready to salute the new boss.

OP Director General Mr. Martin Mwanambale is currently in London with the remains of president Michael Sata

Meanwhile, Fred M’membe has grudgingly confirmed that Sata is dead. On his Post Online, he posted the following:

‘PRESIDENT Michael Sata has died. President Sata died in the early hours of today in London where he has been receiving medical treatment.’

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