Defend HH

Defend HH


If UPND supporters can not defend their leader Hakainde Hichilema from this unwarranted attack, at this hour of need, then this is the end.

This is war. Edgar Lungu and his demons have declared war. They mean business. Expect no sympathy, no rule of law and no justice.

If this was a lawful process, the police would have summoned HH to their office and questioned him in accordance with the law. They are attacking his family at night because this is war.

Remember this is how they rigged the elections and stole your victory while you watched and put your trust in the ECZ.

Now they are killing your leader while you are either watching, sleeping, seated ndwii or complaining.

When shall you learn a lesson? Lungu and his fellow zombies know that you are dormant. You are easily intimidated.

Show us one country where freedom was won by complaining.

Imagine your leader alone with children in the house surrounded by enemies in his own house?




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