Defend yourselves against Lungu’s political thugs


By Dr Given Mutinta

It is appalling to see the grave danger this country is in because of political killings stemming from President Edgar Lungu’s dictatorial leadership.

Although Lungu is remarkably young for a despot, he is immensely arrogant that he is ready to kill if that is what it takes to remain in State House.

Political violence is a premeditated weapon Lungu is using to silence dissenting voices and repress political opposition, by subjecting the population to brutality at the hands of his cadres.

Although Zambia subscribes to the international covenant on civil and political rights, the African Charter on peoples’ rights and other international instruments that guarantee the right to freedom of political association, Lungu has no respect for these protocols.

As a result, under Lungu’s leadership, no one is safe. For this, Lungu risks facing the international tribunal that sits in the Hague.

In a politically explosive environment such as ours, we should not be fools who die because of lack of knowledge that self-defense is justified, and not only is it our right but our duty.

The current political violence should not be taken lightly as it is not only designed for intimidation but for killing people as well.

From the way Lungu is treating political killings one stands justified to argue that he is trigger happy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces putting down anyone with divergent political views.

Fellow citizens, when you are attacked by Lungu’s cadres who follow you to your right spaces defend yourselves.

It is your duty as a citizen to exercise the fundamental principle of morality of love and preservation of your own life by defending yourself from political hooligans.

If you have a legally owned weapon, carry it with you for legitimate self-defense in case you meet these stray political dogs that have no regard for human life. Be equipped at all the times for life preservation.

The current political violence confirms why we should arm ourselves for self-defense; otherwise a right to self-defense without the means to exercise that right is effectively no right at all.

Show patriotism first to yourself and then to our country by loving yourself a fundamental principle of morality.

Do not be a lamb in the presence of life threatening political cadres. Stand up and legitimately insist on respect for your own right to life.

Why should your life go to waste at the hands of violent political cadres for sharing your political views?

Is Zambian not a Christian nation where people should manifest a spirit of true freedom?

Was it not Jesus who said that love your fellow citizen as yourself? Meaning, we need to live out the instinct of self-preservation.

Therefore, the intrinsic value of life and the duty to love oneself no less than others are the basis of a true right to self-defense

Whether you are a PF cadre or not you have an intrinsic and fundamental right to live and share your political beliefs

It is sad to see people being killed in cold blood by political thugs when others are watching. Defend others!

We have the right and duty to defend others from those jailbirds masquerading as political cadres and police officers.

Why should we watch or run away when our brothers and sisters are in danger when we have the ability to defend them for a greater good?

By running away from violent political cadres we are giving them power to think that since they belong to the ruling political party whose leader is Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces they have the right to kill others.

As we draw near 11th August we have to be ready for unmatched political butchery. Forewarned is forearmed!

In the midst of political violence and environment that is becoming more and more toxic, let us legitimately defend ourselves for that is our duty.

As long as we are not able to defend the common good that requires that violent political cadres are rendered unable to harm the public, we will no longer be a beacon of peace.

For this reason, all of us have the right to use weapons to repel violent political cadres against the public.

The United Nations will not defend our communities terrorized by cadres if we citizens cannot lift even our little fingers in self-defense.

If political cadres present a clear danger to our life, out of commitment in loving ourselves, we have the right and duty to do whatever is necessary to render violent cadres harmless even if it means killing them.

It is a matter of common sense that you cannot fold your arms in the face of violent political cadres.

We all need to defend sanity in this country that has gone insane, and this sanity applies to every area of life, including self-defense in the face of deadly political violence.

We are living in a dangerous political era of irresponsible leaders, therefore it is important to familiarise ourselves with the standards for using lethal force for self-defense.

Since 26th June we have had about nineteen murders instigated by PF cadres and more people are to be carelessly killed.

If you are not imparted with two lives, why should you not preserve your only life through self-defense?

When attacked by aggressive political cadres use lethal force if that is your last resort.

Be reminded that when we defend our lives we are not guilty of murder if we are forced to deal with the aggressor with a deadly blow.

If cadres pull out pangas or guns on you and are by all appearances seem ready to use these weapons, do not hesitate to respond in kind.

Responding to political cadres’ force with like force is moderation in self-defense based on rightly ordered self-love.

Never should we allow Lungu’s regime to propagate a culture where human life is taken in a casual fashion for his political preservation.

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