Defunct PAZA and Andrew Sakala

Defunct PAZA and Andrew Sakala

Andrew Sakala

Andrew Sakala

In today’s edition (Sunday March 9, 2014) of Fred M’membe’ Past Newspaper, Andrew Sakala purporting to be President of the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) attacks us for no reason at all.
He of course did not attack us directly but veiled his venom in the term ‘online’ media. He said some Online media are unprofessional and should tell us where they operate from.
Before we go any further, we would like to pose this question to Andrew Sakala. Is PAZA functional or even legal? Where does it operate from?
PAZA ceased to exist about eight years ago because it has never had an Annual General Meeting for more than a decade now.

Who elected Andrew Sakala as president of PAZA? Sakala should let the sleeping dogs lie because he is a potential prisoner.

Sakala is supposed be charged with theft by agent, Impersonation and obtaining money by false pretence for crimes he has committed while holding himself to be president of an illegal entity.
PAZA does not exist.
But we are also aware that the ceased PAZA is paid K10, 000 every month by the Press Freedom Committee of the Post Newspapers. What is this money for if not purposes like the one Sakala has been used for today?

Amos Chanda, currently working at the High Commission in London, negotiated for this money when he was Vice to Andrew Sakala. Even though we all knew that Chanda was the main person in PAZA and Sakala was just a dull figurehead.

This money was meant to help PAZA pay rentals to Multi-Media Zambia along Bishops Road Kabulonga were PAZA rented offices from the Zambia Episcopal Conference the owners of Multi-Media complex which also housed the National Mirror Newspaper.

This is the money Andrew Sakala and his so-called executive Secretary Patson Phiri have been plundering every month courtesy of Fred Mmembe.

They failed to pay rentals. And who appointed Patson Phiri as Executive Secretary? No one did.
Surprisingly, even media have continued quoting these two thieves as PAZA President and Executive Secretary respectively. No they are not. They are paid K10, 000 by Mmembe. By the way isn’t the position of Executive secretary full time? Why then should Patson Phiri be holding two full time jobs?
We are aware that some government official found Patson a job at Maamba Coal Mine where he is working as a Public Relations Officer.
This is the docility, which is destroying this country. Phiri and Sakala are stealing in broad daylight and everyone is quite.

Even if PAZA was still in existence, which it’s not, Andrew Sakala should have ceased to be President the day he was retired in National Interest from Times of Zambia. The position of PAZA President is traditionally reserved for someone who works for a public media and not crooks like Andrew Sakala. It is an association of journalists working for government controlled media not retired people like Sakala. Sakala should join the Retirees Association of Zambia

By the way why was Sakala retired in National interest at a tender age of 43 when the retirement age is 55 years?
What we know is that Sakala was involved in some criminal activities but former President Rupiah Banda being the father he is, directed that instead of Sakala being fired and lose all his benefits, he should just be retired and therefore have food for his children. That is how Andrew Sakala was retired. If it was during the reign of the Pafwaka Family or Paya Farmer (PF), Sakala would have been frequenting the courts of law.

Sakala, Amos Chanda and Patson Phiri swindled the Common Market For Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretariat huge sums of money pretending that they were going to organise a media workshop for journalists. Part of the money was meant to give awards to journalists. It never happened but the three shared the money.

Those who wish to check these facts can ask Mrs. Malama who worked as office manager at PAZA, when it was renting without paying rates in Kabulonga. The husband to Mrs. Malama is In-Charge of Internal audit at the Roads Development Agency (RDA).

You can also ask Muzinge Nampito Chibomba the public relations officer at COMESA Secretariat.

These are people M’membe is using to attack us; his fellow Rascals. Are these the people who can preach to us about ethics?
And that Hypocrite M’membe, how many times has he disparaged people for associating with Rupiah Banda and Late President Chiluba whom he alleges are corrupt?
But look at the people he is associating with? To make matters worse he pays the thieves in the name of PAZA K10, 000. When we said Fred has lost it, this is what we mean. His levels of desperation are just too much. M’mebe tried to control MISA Zambia the way he is controlling these Sakalas. But MISA is an institute of independent journalists. They saw through him and rejected his tricks. That is how he withdrew all his reporters from MISA membership and formed that other money laundering wing of the Post he calls press Freedom Committee of the Post. (We have  full details and how donors have now abandoned it after seeing it for what it really is).
We also call upon the Registrar of Societies Mr. Kakoma Kanganja to tell the nation whether PAZA exists or not.
When did PAZA last file in annual returns and who are elected office bearers. We give Kanganja one week or else we will also expose him on something. We are currently the custodians of information in Zambia. We are better than the government institutions you think have information. And those Idiots at the State sponsored terrorist organisation called Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) these are the clear cases you can prosecute. What is money laundering if you cannot arrest these idiots who are getting money on behalf of an entity that does not exist? Why did you arrest Brian Hapunda for obtaining money by false pretences if you leave people like Sakala to roam the streets?
Instead of planting drugs and pornography on innocent people arrest these culprits.
For you Sakala, we know times are hard after losing your job. But reserve some dignity at least for your children. Look, you were used by the PF but when it came to giving jobs, Sata only remembered Amos Chanda.
As you can see, we have deliberately left out personal information about your miserable life because it does not mean anything to anyone. But take note we know exactly where you buy the  kachasu which is damaging your lips from.

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