Defy dictator Sata and his police

That dictator Michael Sata has denied the opposition a permit to hold a rally does not surprise us. Sata’s heart is as ugly as his face. Uglier is his behaviour though.

We do not know what opposition leaders will tell their followers to do but we have this to say: don’t obey Sata.

If by now the opposition do not know, we hereby tell then that, when the time comes, getting Sata out of State House will take much more than a ballot box.

Sata is a thug. We have said that before and we are saying that again. Now, thugs are not dealt in the same way normal human beings are dealt with.

There is a ‘language’ which thugs understand.

If a person cannot understand that people have the right to assemble in democracy, then that person cannot understand anything about democracy.

If Sata believes that the opposition have no right to assemble under his rule, then there is no need to respect and recognise his presidency because his presidency is a product of democracy.

It is really simple. If Sata stops recognising our rights as citizens, we also stop recognising his powers. He loses legitimacy.

If the opposition think Sata will smile and let them hold rallies, then we have fools for opposition.

The thing is that Sata lives in fear. And that fear is caused by his lies. After lying his way to State House, he now thinks that everybody is after him.

Whenever he sees a group of more than two people, he thinks they are plotting to remove him.

A rally by the opposition makes Sata fail to sleep and or eat.

Sata will never allow the opposition hold rallies freely.

The opposition should not seek permission from Sata or his corrupt police to hold rallies. This is our country and we reserve the right to meet and assemble as we wish. By assembling, we do not take away other people’s rights, we do not block traffic. So why should the police stop the opposition from holding rallies?

Sata can’t just decide that there will be no political rallies in Zambia.

It will be cowardly and silly of the opposition to allow Sata stop them from holding rallies. Sata is testing the waters. After locking up our leader Nevers Mumba and preventing the both UPND and MMD from holding rallies, Sata wants to see if he can stop them even if they join forces.

Sata should not be allowed to take away our rights. Sata need to be stopped and stopped now.

The opposition need to mobilise their supporters and show Sata that this country is not his farm.

Even within the police, there are so many officers who do not buy this nonsense from Sata. The police wil certainly at the right moment join the people.

If Sata can’t allow a rally, then let it be a demonstration which requires no notification.

If you allow Sata to stop you this time, then you have allowed him to ban you forever.

Sata is actually a coward. Three days of sustained demonstrations will see Sata fleeing to Zimbabwe.

For all we know, Sata has been a nuisance and more of a pain to previous president, even as an opposition leader.

Records are all there to show that the day late Levy Mwanawasa was being inaugurated for second term, Sata was addressing a rally in Mtendere where he even issued treasonable statement claiming he was going to run a parallel government since his party controlled most of the urban councils.

It actually baffles us when we read editorials in Sata’s propaganda newspaper, the Post, claiming Sata was a very civil and law abiding opposition leader when the newspaper itself was a victim of Sata’s thuggery behaviour after the 2006 elections when he sent his cadres to stone the premises.

Was it not Sata who used to storm various newsrooms, such as Daily Mail over some articles? Was it not Sata who once said their are more minions at the Post newspaper than in his party? The list of Sata’s thuggery behaviour is endless as documented by political ‘prophet’ Chanda Chimba.

There is even more to Sata’s thuggery behaviour even from the way he is running his government with decrees at every swearing-in ceremony directing people to do things way out of the budget, but merely meant to appease.

Is it normal for a Head of State to hide behind State House doors while his senior members, led by senior cadre Wynter Kabimba are at each other’s throat while he remains silent?

Is it not thuggery for the whole Head of State and Commander in Chief to order his army to go and bomb his own citizens in Barotseland for demanding respect and honouring his election promises?

What normality and civility is in a leader who directs his army to go and fire them. When they say ‘fa’ fire, when they say ‘enisha’ fire them, and later when he dispatches an entire senior command to Lukulu, we are told their is nothing.

As someone who is lawlessness as evidenced by his continued lack of respect for various court orders, Sata should just be defied by all citizens, civil society, and all law abiding citizens, period.

As for the law enforcement agencies, our message is simple. Remember you have a thug as your commander and you have to exercise restraint in the way you deal with your fellow citizens who are merely demanding for their democratic right to share ideas and meet as per dictates of democracy.

When the law visits you for being heavy handedness against you fellow citizens in future, you will answer alone. In fact the person sending you enjoys some bit of immunity from prosecution and he will leave you alone to face the law because you also know what he is doing is wrong.



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