Deka threatens Luanshya mayor over married man

Deka threatens Luanshya mayor over married man

Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) Executive Director, Bernadette Deka threatened Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda with serious political consequences.

This was after municipality’s authorised Ngoza Ndhlovu Kangombe to travel with her husband to Mozambique for work.

Ngoza is a physical planner at the Luanshya Municipal Council.

Deka also directed Local Government Service Commission (LGSC)Chairperson, Amos Musonda to fire the Luanshya Municipal town clerk, Hildah Silungwe for allowing Ngoza to leave her station.

” These are Audit quarries, Amos(Musonda). We shouldn’t embarrass the principal. Ngoza should not travell”. She is said to have yelled at the elderly Musonda.

Christopher Kangombe as Local Government Association of Zambia-LGAZ travelled to Maputo, Mozambique for a UCLGA Meeting representing Zambia.

His wife travelled with him to Mozambique but in her official capacity as physical planner.

LGAZ is affiliated to United Cities of Local Governments in Africa (UCLGA), which is the continental body of associations responsible for local government in Africa.

This came to light when the matter of Kangombe’s adulterous relationship with Bernadette Deka was being discussed in Kitwe following the threat by women in Kitwe to protest.

The women complained that Kangombe’s marriage is threatened by Deka’s activities in Kitwe where frequently travels as Board Member of the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust.

And members of Parliament for Nkana(Alexander Chiteme) and Kwacha( Joe Malanji) complained about Deka’s activities who allegedly tells constituency officials in the area that she will use the First Lady, Esther Lungu to “give” the two constituencies to Kangombe(Kwacha) and Kitwe District Commissioner, Binwell Mpundu( Nkana) respectively.

“If the Principal want to keep Malanji, then plan B will require that I need to delimitate Kwacha Constituency into two, to allow Chris to stand, I will!” Deka said.

“For Chiteme, he should be careful because we just recently made him Minister(of National Development Planning)” she said.

Deka usually buys expensive suits for youthful leaders; Kangombe and Binwell Mpundu.

It emerged that Deka has increasingly used her position as Board member on the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust to threaten Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and others to get her way.

Bernadette failed in the first year at University of Zambia.
One minister attributed this to her lack of education.

“She doesn’t have any qualification yet she leads a team of educated researchers in a policy institution. But this is now showing as she simply has to use her connections at State House to threaten people.”

Kitwe’s beloved and young Mayor’s matrimonial home is under seige.

Deka has said God has shown her, the Kitwe Mayor, Christopher Kangombe as her future husband.

Speaking on Monday morning when she privately commissioned her prayer group of “prayer warriors”, Deka said Kangombe was given to him by God and it shall come to pass that they shall wed.

She said she was unmoved by malicious reports circulating on social media as people don’t know the truth.

“I am a christian and therefore I cannot be in adulterous affair. He is divorcing his wife. I know that he has not been in that bed for two years. They sleep in separate bedrooms. God has shown me a husband and God has given me Chris as my husband”.

Deka who also sits on the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust as a board member, said Kangombe’s family has accepted her as-soon-to be wife to Kangombe

“Chris’ mother receives me, the family hosts me when I am in Kitwe”. She said.

The illicit affair between Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe and PMRC Executive Director and Esther Lungu Foundation Trust Board member, Bernadette Deka invited the wrath of the women in Kitwe.

This came to light during the visit by Cabinet Ministers; Ronald Chitotela, Stephen Kampyongo, Alexander Chiteme, Japhen Mwakalombe, and Moses Mawere who were in Kitwe.

The women confronted some ministers and wanted to know if Bernadette Deka was destroying the marriage of Kangombe with the consent of the First Lady Esther Lungu.

Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) is a public policy think-tank that was established in 2012 by public policy expert Michelle Morrel.

Kangombe is married to Ngoza Ndhlovu.

Ngoza is a qualified physical planner and works for the Luanshya Municipal Council.

“We are tired of Deka’s activities here in Kitwe. She tells people that she is getting married to Kangombe. That Kangombe is about to divorce Ngoza. She comes here and gives gifts to Kangombe’s mother and relatives. Batwebe ba Mayo ba First Lady as she comes to Kitwe as Esther Lungu Foundation. Why should we allow this?”

Deka has allegedly heightened her activities to take over the marriage of Kangombe and said her prophets and witchdoctors have told her that Kangombe will be President after Edgar Lungu andwhile she will be the First Lady.

She was recently in Pambashe, in Kawambwa to see the same witchdoctors that counsels Infrastructure Minister, Ronald Chitotela.

Kitwe residents said they love Kangombe as their Kitwe Mayor, especially for his diligence and hardwork, but the women are disturbed by Deka’s adulterous intrusion that they said this matter would derail development in Kitwe.

But when confronted with these facts, Kangombe is said to have disclosed that he no longer sees Bernadette Deka.

He said he was actually building a house for his wife Ngoza to strengthen the bonds of their marriage.

He said he was aware that his illicit affair had caused pain to his wife, his family members and some of his supporters.

“Go to my facebook page. I expressed my love for her publicly as recent as mothers day.! This is a private matter and I have resolved the issue already.”

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