Delayed Ethiopian Flight No. ET873

Dear Editior,
I am one of the passengers who was scheduled to fly on Ethiopian Airline number ET873 on 21 November 2012. According to flight schedule the plane was to depart Lusaka at 15:15 hours on 21 November 2012. Passengers waited until 17:00 and no explanation was given. The Ethiopian office in Lusaka later issued an apology and assured the passengers that the plane will instead depart Lusaka at 18:00 hours. We waited up to agreed time but the only thing they did was to give us coupons for snacks i.e. drinks and crisps. Another apology was issued at 19:00 hours that the plane which was to come to Zambia developed a technical fault whilst in Harare Zimbabwe. We were again told that the plane has started off from Ethiopia to pick up the stranded passengers at KK Airport. The plane will now depart Lusaka at 21:00 hours. A lot of people have been inconvenienced especially those going to Asia. They were supposed to make connections at mid night in Addis but with this turn of event means that they will further be stranded in Addis.

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