Demolition of people’s houses in Kasama a disaster- Chitimukulu

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu  has advised the over eighteen families of Kasama’s Chitamba village who have been left homeless after their houses were demolished to seek help from the social welfare.

Speaking today at a traditional court commonly known as Incenje held in Chisanga village, the Mwine Lubemba said the state of affairs can be best described as a disaster hence his call on those affected to seek help from relevant authorities.

His royal highness told the traditional court that he will hand over the matter to lawyers who will advise accordingly saying he is not in possession of the judgment.

But the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said he only has a writ of possession from the Lusaka High Court dated 21st May 2010 commanding the sheriff to enter the said premises without delay to have vacant possession of it.

Over eighteen families in Kasama’s Chitamba village have been left homeless after their houses were demolished on Monday.

They wondered why the demolition exercise was undertaken without prior notice.

But when contacted for comment, Stephen Phiri who is claiming to be the owner of the controversial plot accused Chitambi village committee of delaying to process the papers for the land.

Courtesy: Radio Mano News

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