Demoted Luo goes on indefinite leave, may resign

Demoted Luo goes on indefinite leave, may resign

Frustrated Luo.

Demoted Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister, Prof. Nkandu Luo, has reportedly gone on an indefinite leave from her job.

Sources in PF government told the Watchdog that Prof. Luo may actually be the first minister to resign from her job due to frustrations on many issues.

Ms. Luo was recently re-aligned from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing because of her strong stance against her ruling party’s decision to legalize street vending in the country.

Her stance to clear the vendors and clean the streets in various towns earned her a demotion and scorn from PF Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba, who claimed some ministers don’t understand the party manifesto.

In giving the party position on vendors recently during an interview on PF controlled ZNBC, Kabimba said the government could not clear the vendors because they have no jobs to give them.

This position has however been received with mixed feelings among traders with those still in the markets opting to also go in the streets while those that have remained are refusing to pay market levies to the councils.

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