Deplorable Sanitation conditions at Sefula Secondary School

Dear Editor,

I would like to pay tribute to the great work Zambian Watchdog is doing for speaking and advocating for the grassroots in highlighting developmental challenges the Zambian people are facing.  Kindly, withhold my email address and name for fear of being victimized and dismissed.

I would like to report on the deplorable sanitation conditions and erratic water supply at U.C.Z. Sefula Secondary School in Western Province. The school despite being amongst the three best performing schools in the province, it has no functioning showers and toilets at the dormitories and classes. Pupils on a daily basis answer the call of nature in the nearby bushes which have been contaminated with faeces. Should there be any outbreak of cholera, dysentery or any diarrheal disease lives of innocent pupils will be lost. A boarding school is supposed to have at latest minimum standards of water and sanitation, but for Sefula Secondary School the toilets have no single drop of water. Even if water was there the toilets are blocked. Probably, the toilets functioned some good three to four years ago. How do you expect a girl child to learning in such a very horrifying environment with erratic water supply and non-functioning toilets.  It is even better for the school to build some Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrines as a temporary measure to prevent the pupils from defecating in the bushes. It means also that the nearby stream is also polluted with human excretion is a health hazard to the local people.

This year Sefula Secondary School is earmarked to celebrate its Golden Jubilee, we appeal to the Provincial Minister and Provincial Education Officer for Western Province to address the situation before it gets out of hand. We also call upon the Provincial Medical Officer (Ministry of Health) and Mongu Municipal Council Health department to take keen interest in this matter.

Thanking you in advance for publishing this concern, to together we can develop Zambia.

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