Deplorable state of Kalulushi

Deplorable state of Kalulushi


Thoughts of Chishala Mwamba…

Did you know?

♦️Hundreds of vehicles leave Kalulushi every morning and come back in the evening because jobs are normally found outside Kalulushi.

♦️Hundreds of women and young people have been turned into beggars by frequenting the house of one of our Political Representatives for a bag of mealie meal and/or a K20 every weekend.

♦️Kalulushi residents are frequently made to FIGHT and INJURE themselves over HANDOUTS that come with meeting one of our Political Representatives.

♦️Unemployment levels are so high that most young people have resorted to drugs, alcohol abuse and violence.

♦️Visionary leaders who want to serve the community on the position of MP are labeled to be impatient,

Question is????

is it wrong to be impatient against lack of development in your community?

♦️Kalulushi has no industries and no tangible infrastructure development, and yet some political leaders DISH OUT hundreds of thousands of kwachas every weekend.

♦️ NOTE: as Kalulushi residents we do not need handouts, we need jobs.

It is sad Kalulushi has had to wait this far to develop😢.

May the residents of Kalulushi take action by voting wisely.


Chishala Mwamba
Patriotic Afro-Optimists

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