Deported Fr. Banyangandora says dictator Sata will lose next elections

Deported Fr. Banyangandora says dictator Sata will lose next elections

Fr. Viateur Banyangandora

Catholic Priest Father Viateur Banyangandora who has been deported to Rwanda by the current Zambian regime says president Michael Sata is an arrogant dictator.

According to Rwandan media, Fr Banyangandora described President Micheal Sata as a dictator who will not survive the 2016 General elections.

Viateur Banyangandora also said Sata is arrogant and not open to criticism.

“You see, my deportation back home was absurd. I have in Zambia for a long time now. The people there are great. I was in Zambia under Mr (Rupiah) Banda and I can tell you he wasn’t like that. He allowed criticism.

“But that cannot be said about the incumbent (Micheal) Sata. He is a very arrogant man. And so are his ministers. He is man who doesn’t allow anyone to criticise him. When you do, he sends police officers to your home,” said Fr Banyangandora.

The priest added that he still doesn’t why he was deported.

“To this day, nobody has told me exactly why I am back here (Rwanda). All I have been told is that I had the potential to disturb peace in Zambia. Which peace could I have had disturbed?

“You (reporter) yourself, go to Zambia and ask if that is true. Ask anyone. Before they deported me, nobody knew me. Ask the newspapers. None of them ever quoted me. I was never in the news.  I wasn’t controversial.

“There are priests out there who are in the newspapers daily busy criticising the government. I never did that.  I was only preaching the Good news. Is that why they deported me?”He wondered.

Said Fr Banyangandora: “I am not a political scientist but I can tell you that things are not well in Zambia. And the thing is that the government of Mr Sata may not rule after 2016…at the rate they going, they are digging their own grave.

“Look, Mr Sata is a dictator and arrogant. But the great Zambian people won’t let him get away with it. He will leave in 2016 because that’s when they will have the next presidential elections.”

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