Deputy ambassador to China abandons wife who kept him when he had no job

Deputy ambassador to China abandons wife who kept him when he had no job

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 11.10.13Zambia’s deputy ambassador to China Joseph Chilaizya has abandoned the wife who was keeping him when he had no meaningful job and suffering.

Chilaizya, the former Director General of Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation  has instead taken his girlfriend Pamela Mwanza to China.

Chilaizya’s wife and their two sons are currently languishing in Zambia and being kept by different relatives from time to time.

Even Chilaizya’s first-born son called Jesus is struggling to earn a living by working as waiter in one of the famous Lusaka nightclubs.

The Watchdog understands that, Chilaizya’s wife Norton Dakar was fired from ZANACO because of Chilaizya.

Joe Chilaizya owed some money so he coerced the wife to borrow from the bank.

They failed to pay prompting the bank to dismiss her.

Chilaizya had no job then. So the wife started going to Chipata to buy groundnuts and selling in Lusaka to keep Chilazya and the children.

The family then started moving from one compound to another due to hard financial times.

At one time they even squatted on top of some office buildings because they could not manage to pay rent.

Chilaizya got a job from Hot FM radio but the pay was not enough to sustain the family.

The wife continued selling groundnuts and other edibles.

Then Joe Chilaizya was given a job as director-General of ZNBC. Then the real problems began. He chased the wife.

When he was moved from ZNBC and sent to China as deputy ambassador, he introduced a well-known vulture  Pamela Mwanza as his official partner.

The wife and children are currently living as beggars at one of the relatives in Lusaka. He does not pay for the children’ school fees.

Meantime, Pamela is using his ‘marriage’ to do business. With a diplomatic passport, she is in and out of China doing business. Currently she is in Lusaka.

But Pamela has a string of men who have been sleeping with her. She was once married to one of the gallant men that died with footballers in the Gabon disaster. She has an active relationship with one army General (Some people say she is married to the general). She was going out with former Home Affairs minister Mangani Phiri, MP Simfukwe, and a former director of MISA.

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