Deputy Minister Nvunga misbehaves at Rhapsody’s , again

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 00.16.11Deputy Minister of Finance, Christopher Nvunga was again at his best drinking g and misbehaving at Rhapsody’s on Wednesday evening, September 9, 2015. Nvunga was as usual drunk and kept talking at the top of his voice, impolitely calling out to the bartenders. Rhapsody’s patrons could not help but wonder whether the man is really a minister. Some patrons of foreign origin and locals that didn’t recognise him, could not believe that the man is indeed the deputy minister of Finance. Some foreigners shook their heads, saying, “it’s not surprising that this country is in a mess. How can you have ministers like this man?”

Nvunga later refused to pay his bill, saying he is ‘boma’ and will pay the next day. Rhapsody’s staff refused to let him go. He only left when someone in a black Mercedes came to pay his over K1,000 bill.

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