Deputy minister positions hated( wasteful – Kabanje

Deputy minister positions hated( wasteful – Kabanje


Former Deputy Minister Dr. Sipula Kabanje has disclosed that Zambians openly expressed profound reservations against the position of Deputy ministers.

He said he personally heard these expressions when he served on both the Mwanakatwe Constitutional Review Commission as Commission Secretary and the Mungomba Constitutional Review Commission as commissioner and chairman of its technical committee.

He said Zambians regarded it as a waste of resources and irrelevant to the administration of government.

Below is what he wrote;

“Before I became a herdsman I too had served as a Commissioner on the Mung’omba Commission and was Chairman of its Technical Committee.”

“Years ago before that I served as Secretary of the Mwanakatwe Constitution Review Commission. I therefore endorse fully what Brother Jere had said.”

“The people were adamant in their hatred for the position of deputy minister. They referred to deputy ministers as useless, dull, parasites and irrelevant.”

“When I was on the Mung’omba Commission I served as a deputy minister, and was presumably deemed dull and useless”.

“However the point I am making is that on the issue of the re-introduction of the deputy ministers the Zambian people have spoken loudly and clear.”

“My only conclusion is that there is a force some where which wants to use this as a suicide political bomb”

“It is the surest way of PF scoring it’s own goal and losing the 2021 elections”.

“In Lozi we say; “Wakona kupuma mutu yamaswe kuli ki yo munde ahulu kono aukoni kupuma mutu yashwile tala kuli ukusi”.

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    Sharon Mulenga 4 days ago

    PF NATIONAL DIALOGUE FORUM HAS FINISHED ITS DISASTER MUTILATION OF THE CONSTITUTION AND NOW ZAMBIANS KNOW THE TRUE PICTURE OF PFOOLS GOVT .This was the most waste of time ,space,and the much needed resources we really need as a country at this critical time. PF hates Zambians to the level of killing them with hunger you talk of Deputy Ministers with all the luxury they will be brought in?????You talk of a coalition govt?????  Most of the items they have discussed is rubbish nothing benefits a common man that is how useless the forum has been !!!!Constitution is a property of Zambian public it can not be changed with a blink of an eye without direct involvement of the owners there fore Zambians rise up and have your say in short  whatever has been discussed there is nothing about elections,Political violence etc nothing .There is nobody to fight for you wake up you are too sleepy fight for your rights