Deputy police boss Chingaipe fired

President Michael Sata has fired Deputy Inspector-General of Police Peter Chingaipe.

According to informed sources, Chingaipe has been replaced by Lusaka Police Commissioner Solomon Jere.

Chingaipe was fired yesterday (Thursday 25th October at 16:00 hours).

But a source in the police says president Sata has been misinformed by the police officers who are linked to Copper thieves on the Copperbelt.

‘Chingaipe has been a thorn in their flesh because he is clean and has no links with the jeleboos, he is an expert and cannot be intimidated or forced to do what is wrong,’ said a source.

The source further said ‘the president has been wrongly advised. He should find out about the copper thefts on copper belt being escorted by commissioner Mutentwa Security Company called metropolitan. He should ask the copper belt police commissioner Mary Tembo over the trucks of fuel which carried the copper. The president will regret sooner or later.’

The source said Chingaipe has been undermined by fellow senior officers who have ‘bad-mouthed’ him to Sata that he has been working against the inspector general of police Stella Libongani.

‘This is a total fabrication of twisted lies perpetuated by the deputy police intelligence officer called Nawa who is assistant commissioner of police. This officer wants to be promoted at all costs and has full support of the inspector general herself.

‘He has criminal records that can see him arrested if investigated, recently he was recommended for promotion but it was turned down by the ministry who have since been informed about his criminal activities’, said the source.

‘The other people involved are commissioner Mutentwa, former Task Force Muyambago, commissioner Mutemba, former director of CID Mr.  Musole. This group cannot wait to see the permanent secretary at home affairs be transferred or fired. If that happens this police will become a haven for criminals,’ complained the source.

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