Desperate Kabimba asks people to identify 2016 parliamentary candidates in Southern province

Desperate and embattled PF Secretary general Wynter Kabimba has asked people of southern province to start identifying parliamentary candidates after the party’s bid to rob the opposition UPND of its MPs failed.

PF had earlier embarked on a crusade to allure opposition MPs with deputy ministerial positions but the MPs rejected, with only Sinazongwe MP Oliver Siamunene accepting the bait.

Kabimba who is on a countrywide tour to spear head his presidential ambitions in the event of ailing dictator Michael Sata’s demise was speaking during a poorly attended meeting at Kanchindu Primary school in Sinazongwe. He said 2016 should be harvest time for himself and the PF in general.

“I want all district executive committees to start identifying parliamentary candidates for 2016 in Southern province. I want all district executive committees to start working with these candidates now. I want men and women of substance to take up this challenge now,” said Kabimba.

The meeting was also attended by expelled Sinazongwe UPND MP Siamunene and geriatric political comedian Daniel Munkombwe who is also Southern province minister and PF chairperson.

Kabimba’s campaign trail has taken him to many parts of the country under the disguise of mobilizing his party but the actual motive is to make his name known while Sata dozes at State house. However his activities have been condemned by other members of the PF central committee, leading to him travelling all alone with Post Journalist Roy Habaalu whom Fred Mmembe has attached to Kabimba’s campaign in the same way George Chellah was attached to Sata prior to 2011 elections.

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