Desperate Lungu pleads not to be replaced with HH

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has pleaded with people in Pambashe Constituency not to replace him with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema claiming to be a better leader.
With no message to tell the people, Lungu hallucinated that Hichilema has failed to run the UPND while himself has managed the violent PF very well.
‘Our friends were left with many people by Mazoka but they have run down the party and have few members so why should you remove me and put HH who has failed to run his party,’ a desperate Lungu claimed.
Meanwhile President Lungu’s running mate Inonge Wina is in her home area of Western Province where she is struggling to address rallies.
So far she has addressed poorly attended meetings in Kalabo, Sikongo, Lukulu, Mitete, Shangombo, Mangango, Nkeyema and Mongu districts.
In Nkeyema, Wina ‘bribed’ the people with a ‘donation’ of a tractor to the District Council as she introduced PF candidate Josephine Limata while in Mongu she paraded some former Barotse detainees to campaign for Lungu.
Meanwhile the UPND ‘cow horn formation’ campaign team led by Hichilema, Geoffrey Mwamba and Charles Milupi is expected in Mongu on Saturday.

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