Desperate PF caught with maize for buying voters in Livingstone

Desperate ruling party PF in Livingstone has been caught with  more than 1000 bags of maize meant for buying voters in Livingstone ahead of this Thursday’s by election.
According to well placed sources within the PF’s camp in Livingstone, the party is planning to distribute the maize which is packed at the provincial permanent secretary Edwin Zumbunu’s house on Tuesday evening.
The  maize is siad to have been transported from Monze to Livingstone with an intention to give to the would be voters in Thursday’ by election.
After a tip off, UPND official rushed to the PS’s house where they found the maize being offloaded from a truck registration number AJC 1338 belonging to Mbemac Logistics of Monze.
UPND National Chairlady Namakau Kabwiku has described the situation unacceptable and that it has exposed the PF’s desperation to win the Livingstone seat.
Mrs. Kabwiku said that the move by the PF will not change people’s minds because they are tired of the PF.
She said that the UPND will ensure that the maize is not tribute until after the election results are announced adding that UPND youth will guard the PS’s house so that the maize is not taken out.
Mrs. Kabwiku wondered why the PF were offloading maize and wondered where it is heading to when campaign time is over.
Mrs. Kabwiku said that the PF are aware that they are losing but do not want to concede but some PF supporters have admitted that they will lose.
UPND officials who rushed to the house to see the piled  maize was UPND Monze Central MP, Jack Mwimbu,  MP Vitalis Mooya and other officials.

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