Desperate PF distributing money door to door in Mufumbwe

After failing to attract people to its rallies, the  Patriotic Front (PF) says it  intensified its campaigns in Mufumbwe District by adopting door-to-door strategy in readiness for the November 8 parliamentary by-election.

But people in Mufumbwe the so called door to door is just about dishing out money.

The PF has set up camps in Mushima, Muliji, Kamenze and Matushi areas where the campaign team is conducting door-to-door campaigns.

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, Finance Deputy Minister Miles Sampa, Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge and Eastern Province minister Charles Banda are leading the door-to-door campaigns.

The PF has also intensified campaigns around Mufumbwe Central.

Mr Mwamba said in an interview yesterday that the door-to-door campaign was working well for the PF as leaders were able to interact with the electorate on a “personal basis.”

He said the response during the morning session of the campaigns was overwhelming.

And Miles Sampa has posted the following statement on his Facebook:

Mufumbwe Day 3: Today was the last day of campaigns until voting day on Thursday. it’s illegal, for whatever reason, to campaign tommorow and Wednesday. Very armed combat geared cops/soldiers patrolling streets of the ‘town’ due to the last electoral violence. One candidate and his party had a mini rally today near the Boma and paid for live coverage on Muvi TV. Well; 80% of Mufumbwe residents neither have TV sets nor TV signal 48 years after independence. That said;all candidates stand equal chances but I am very optimistic.

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