Desperate PF hopes to overwhelm the opposition with simultaneous by-elections

Desperate for numbers to manipulate the constitution, PF (commonly known as People’s Fault) now intends to overwhelm the opposition political parties by having all the pending by-elections at the same time.

Highly placed sources within the PF and judiciary disclosed that PF also plans to add seats held by traitors such as Itezhi Tezhi Constituency held by Greyford Monde, Sinazongwe constituency held by Richwell Siamunene and Kalabo seat held by Ponison Njeulu, who all stand expelled from the UPND.

The seats currently awaiting determination on whether the former MPs qualify to stand are Mulobezi (Western province) Solwezi Central and Zambezi West (North-western province), Mkushi North (Central Province), and Petauke Central, Vubwi, Kasenengwa and Malambo (Eastern province).

Mangango also in Western province was added yesterday after the PF did a ‘donchi kubeba’ on Lands deputy minister Taundi Chiseke traitor MMD MP whose seat was nullified.

Itezhi Tezhi MP Monde lost the expulsion case with High Court when the Judge ruled that he cannot belong to the club whose ideals he does not believe in.

But he appealed to the Supreme Court and the judgement is possibly ready now that will uphold his expulsion.

Monde’s fate will be same as that of Sinazongwe MP Richwell Siamunene and that of Kalabo MP Poniso Njeulu who are all UPND MPs but ‘defected’ to the PF government where they are serving as among the many useless deputy ministers.

Impeccable sources told the Watchdog that judgement in the case involving Dora Siliya, Maxwell Mwale, and others is also ready now and it will also determine the fate of all other seats where the PF wanted the former MPs barred from contesting.

In desperation to manipulate the constitution, PF now hopes they can overwhelm the opposition with corrupt money and resources by having a min-general election where all the 12 seats will be held at the simultaneously.

Sources say part of the recently borrowed US 1 billion Euro-bond money will actually go towards corrupting voters in these constituencies.

Two weeks ago, PF Secretary general Wynter Kabimba and Siamunene, accompanied by old Daniel Munkombwe were in Sinazongwe where the biggest campaign crowd they addressed were mourners.

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