Desperate PF now trying to increase students’ meal allowances

Desperate PF now trying to increase students’ meal allowances

Consistently inconsistent, the PF regime has now decided to increase meal allowances for students at the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University as trick to win elections.

Higher Education Minister Micheal Kaingu is expected to announce the increment of student meal allowances from K22.50 to K40.50 anytime from now.  Kaingu will give the reason for the increment as increased cost of Living in the country then he will go on to proclaim that ‘the PF has delivered on its promises’. But it is the PF that has increased the cost of living. The solution would have been to reduce the cost of living.

However, the increment will take effect from UNZA’ s term 2, which is sometime in August during national elections.

Just a month ago, Kaingu closed UNZA and CBU indefinitely just to announce in parliament a few weeks later that the universities would be re-opened but food allowances would be scrapped.unza

Now he says the meal allowances has actually been increased. But the main reason the Universities were shut was due to the PF government’s failure to pay the students the same allowances. One wonders if the PF government will now manage to pay K40:50 per student if they have been failing to pay K22. 50 to each student leading to riots and closure of the universities.


The government is struggling to pay lecturers and other Universities workers and just the other day, the Copperbelt University has failed to pay workers for the March salaries because the government has not funded the institution.


Every month the government is struggling to pay civil servants and soldiers so how will they manage to pay this increased bill for students?

A closer look at this idea shows that it is a ploy to deceive students into voting for the failed regime.

The so-called increments will take effect in the first week of August, a few days before voting. This is clearly to try to cheat students as the PF will borrow money to pay the students this money in August then if they retain power, students can expect misery.

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