Desperate PF police plan to lock up HH’s supporters on Friday, 16th May

Desperate PF police plan to lock up HH’s supporters on Friday, 16th May

The PF is planning to create confusion and later order police to lock up supporters who will  turn up to give solidarity to opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema when he goes for trial at the Lusaka magistrates court in one of his many charges for which he is being persecuted.

Reliable sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that during a security briefing that took place on Monday at statehouse, it came out very clearly that many people were turning up to hear the opposition leader’s court appearance and government is fearing that this is denting their image.

“You guys the pictures you published last time of HH at court really shook the government so they know that even this time around, many people and UPND supporters will come so to instil fear, there is likelihood of some sort of confusion being created and then detain some people who will only be released on police bond or bail on Monday, but they will have been detained over the weekend. The scheme is aimed at scaring away HH’s supporters so that he looks lonely at court,” said a senior intelligence officer.

Hichilema is accused of issuing and causing to publish an alarming statement and when he last appeared before Lusaka magistrate Aridah Chulu, several supporters thronged the court premises but police blocked them and in the process brutalized some.

Hichilema’s lawyers were also harassed and later said they were psychologically disturbed and disoriented to offer adequate legal representation to their client. The matter was adjourned to 15th and 16th May for continued trial.

The Watchdog is urging UPND supporters and well wishers to leave whatever they are doing and join HH at court on Friday. The Watchdog respects the law and the courts; but this one is just persecution and dictatorship by the PF regime. HH has done nothing wrong and broken no law. Allowing the PF to persecute him is allowing dictatorship to flourish.


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