Despite writing love letter to Sata, Hapunda faces arrest

Despite writing love letter to Sata, Hapunda faces arrest

Discarded971259_10151676374304793_1638508239_n Brian  Hapunda faces arrest for soliciting over K300,000 from the business community and parastatal companies such as Zamtel, according to the PF Vuvuzela, the Post.

Even the media, which were always ready to give him space to insult his ‘enemies’ have now betrayed him.

But Hapunda told the vuvuzela that he is ready to account for his deeds.

According to a police source, Hapunda, who was fired by President Michael Sata as Southern Province PF political secretary, for collecting money in the President’s name and that of PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba, is alleged to have collected over US$15,000 from a named businessman of Asian origin.

“We are investigating Hapunda for many offences but the clear ones are that of obtaining money by false pretences, which so far amounts to over K300, 000. Zamtel is one of the companies that were also targeted and we are also following up leads as he is purported to have so far bought a Mercedes Benz car from Japan which we will confiscate as it is a property bought from proceeds of crime,” the source said.

And in an interview, Hapunda said he was ready to be investigated by police.

“They can carry out their investigations. They are things that I can account for. I had a Mercedes Benz which was involved in an accident, which I sold off to buy another one,” Hapunda said.

When he fired him, Sata told Hapunda that

“In justifying your collections, you have at times written letters of acknowledgment to donors and purported to copy the same to the secretary general. You also wrote to management of Southern and Water and Sewerage Company requesting them to settle your house rentals when you know that this was against the policy of the party,” read the letter in part.

But sensing danger, Hapunda wrote a love letter to Sata in which he called him his caring father and pledged his loyalty to the PF.

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