‘Despotic regimes like the one Sata is creating are toppled’

16 November 2011


The Arbitrary arrests of opposition Members of Parliament and those opposed to Mr. Sata and his Patriotic Front (PF) regime is an attempt to subdue Democracy and the Democratic Principles this Country has been standing for since the re-introduction of Multi Party Democracy in 1990.

Zambians should not seat idle and allow the creation of a despotic Government that will intimidate our citizens thereby denying them basics human rights and freedoms.

The PF Government has embarked on a very dangerous political road that does not favour the growth of Democracy inZambia. The tendency of silencing divergent voices is reminiscent of dictatorship regimes that we have seen being toppled in some parts of North Africa and theMiddle East. And it is therefore sad that this regime wishes to take us backwards.

The PF Government should also realise that they will not remain in power forever. They should do unto others as they would wish others do unto them.

This harassment explains why Mr. Sata created a top heavy police Service by creating offices of Commissioners of police so that he abuses the police to persecute his opponents.Zambiahas now been turned into a police state in order to serve narrow partisan political egos of those in power.

We understand very well that the Police hierarchy is being pushed against their professional ethics in some of these politically motivated arrests.




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