Detailed account of the PF internal ‘genocide’

About four PF cadres are believed to have died yesterday when the rival pro-Wynter Kabimba and the Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) camps yesterday turned most of Lusaka Business District into a bloody civil war hacking, knifing, axing, macheting each other in an unprecedented violence never seen in modern Zambia since independence.

But the police are only confirming one death.

All this mayhem happened right in front of chief of confusion in Zambia president Michael Chilufya Sata, with his chief advisor former vegetarian dictator Kenneth Kaunda. Despiite the blood letting, the two went ahead with their programme of laying the foundation stone for the construction of a new terminal building at Lusaka International airport, despite being told that their people were butchering each other behind the scenes.

And all this happened barely a few days after vice-president Guy Scott announced the formation of an ‘A’ team within the PF comprising himself, Kabimba, and Sata.

And now here is the chronological account of what transpired yesterday as witnessed by our team leading to bloodshed and deaths.

Sometime in the morning yesterday, one of the highly trained PF militia camps sponsored by Kabimba, Post Newspaper owner Fred Mmembe, and Guy Scott converged somewhere to strategize.

The heavily financed and armed militia was commanded by Lusaka Province PF criminal Geoffrey Chumbwe, Kennedy Kamba, Goodson Banda and their new defector Robert Chikwelete.

Almost at the same time, the GBM camp led by Komaki also converged at PF Lusaka District offices.

This group was financed by Willie Nsanda, GBM himself, and their so-called Bemba clique but they were not as armed and trained as the Kabimba and Mmembe group.

They started denouncing and singing the usual anti-Wynter Kabimba slogans as they headed to the airport for the function,

Meanwhile, the toothless Zambia Police were watching all these scenes in the presence of Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani and other security chiefs such as the Army and Air Force Commanders who were all present.

President Sata himself takes a short distance by flying from State House to the airport using his helicopter fully briefed by the Zambia intelligence about the presence of these rival and heavily armed militia camps but still does nothing.

By the time Sata arrived at the airport to join his friends Kaunda and Cosmo Mumba, the noise from the GBM camp was even louder in denouncing Kabimba and Mmembe.

After being told that Sata had arrived at the airport, the heavily armed and well-trained Kabimba and Mmembe militia also got onto their hired buses and headed to the airport. They split into two groups.

One group strategically camped at Airport Turn off to wait to wait for GBM supporters. The Zambia Police were lined-up along the roads for ‘security’ but could do nothing.

Some form of manageable violence erupted right at the airport itself as Sata and Kaunda were addressing the crowds together with the Chinese Ambassador and other dignitaries including ministers.

The police managed to send the cadres away.

As the GBM camp returned from the airport, they were finally met by the Kabimba and Mmembe militia at the airport round about and the civil war that has been simmering for sometime now finally erupted.

It was here that the heaviest battle was fought. Sata flew over the fighting cadres as he went back to State House.

The Zambia National team was also caught in the Zambian genocide as confirmed by a tweet from coach Patrice who said they were lucky they survived.

By this time, the police were completely powerless and ambulances were being called in to carry some seriously injured bodies laying all-over being taken to Levy Mwanawasa.

The Hospital itself almost become a battle-ground until the police surrounded and blocked everyone trying to enter except those carrying the wounded.

Komoki, from the GBM camp is among those heavily axed and in Intensive Care Unit together with other cadres.

The battle had by now extended into town centre where the cadres started beating up innocent people.

Teargas engulf the entire town centre with shops closing early and kulima Tower bus stop deserted, as Mr. Sata is probably taking a cup of tea at State House praising himself for a wonderful day.

A few cosmetic arrests were made.

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