Detained Barotse activities given bail but with harsh conditions

The Barotse activities  currently at Kaoma prison who were arrested for teraing copies of the draft costitution were Tuesday afternoon granted cash bail of Five Miilion Kwacha each by High JudgeNicola A sharpe.
But Lutangu Sinonge and 16 others activists are still in detention as they have been given harsh bail conditions as follows:
1.The cash sum of K5milion each should be paid into court prior to the applicants being released on bail.Any moneys paid into court herein sahll be forefited to the state if the applicant jumps bail
2.Each applicant must provide two working surities, who should undertake to secure their attendence at court on the days required. The surities must produce letters from employers confirming thier employment and indicating where they reside
3.The applicants must indicate to the police thier fixed abode and this must be verified to the satisfaction of the police or court prior to going on bail
4 The applicant must report to to Mongu Central police station once a week.
The applicants ahve been warned not to interfere or make contact in any way whatsoever with the state witnesses in this case.In the event that any of the bail conditions are breached, bail shall immediatly be revoked and the applicant shall be remanded in custody at Kaoma.
The Applicants were represented by Mr M Muyenga of Messers Muyenga and company agents representing Messers Muleza and company
The respondent was represented by M.p. Lungu, state advocate, DPP’s Chambers

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