Detained Linyungandambo leaders secretly moved to Kabwe court

The PF government has secretly moved four Barotseland activists detained at Mwembeshi prison to Kabwe where they are expected to appear for trial in the Kabwe High Court.

The four include Afumba Mombotwa who is the leader of the Linyungandambo freedom fighting movement.

Afumba and his colleagues were arrested in December 2014 and charged with treason for advocating for the independence of Barotseland from Zambia following Zambia’s abrogation of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 and the subsequent resolution of the Barotseland National Council which resolved to accept the abrogation in March 2012.

Relatives to the four have expressed concern that the Zambian government did not inform them about the transfer of the four to Kabwe. The relatives are now making arrangements to travel to Kabwe but it is not clear if the four will appear in court today

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