Detained Sarafina threatens to spill the beans

Detained Sarafina threatens to spill the beans

Sarafina threatens to spill the beans

PF cadre and socialite Sarafina Ntenga who has been in detention for a week now on allegations of Cyber Bullying another Cadre Mutale Mwanza says she cant wait for her day in Court to expose how some police officers in the High command have been abusing their offices to fix “political opponents.”

Sarafina who is detained at Woodlands Police Station on a charge of Cyber Bullying under the new Cyber Crime law says former radio host Mutate Mwanza has a steamy relationship with a named officer who directed her arrest and subsequent detention.
Sources within the Police command revealed that the instructions to arrest Ms. Nthenga were issued by a Mr. Nsofwa.

“We have shared a house with Mutale before and I know what I’m talking about. He (named police officer whose name we have withheld) even sends Paramilitary officers at night to guard Mutale’s house. This is the reason why I’m being treated like this” she said.

Ms. Thenga said this when Lisaka Province PF Chairperson Kennedy Kamba visited her together with another PF cadre and Smart Eagles Contributor John Chimba at Woodlands Police this morning.

Ms. Thenga who is based in Kitwe has challenged the arresting officer a Superintendent Kalala from Police Headquarters to take her to court so that she can spill the beans including how the named officer has been using his position to solicit for bribes from several people who import vehicles into the country through Interpol.

Sarafina is charged with one count of Cyber Bullying.

Cyber Bullying in the new law is a bondable offence but Sarafina has not been offered any opportunity to get a bond.

By Press time Sarafina’s brother George was at The Woodlands Police Station trying to arrange a Police Bond for his Sister but the Police command at the station told him that they had instructions that she should not access any Police Bond.
Sarafina is one of the PF youths that received K300,000 as empowerment funds together with ruling party aligned musicians.

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