Detained UPND officials told to be strong and courageous

By Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa


To all the UPND Comrades in jail in Livingstone and beyond,Ï urge you
to be strong and courageous in these trying times.

As a Person who come out of Kamwala Remand Prison a few days ago, I
have first hand experience of the harshness of the conditions in our

I am also aware that it is impossible to imprison a man or woman with
a cause that seeks to free his countrymen and women from bondage, even
if that individual is thrown in prison on trumped up charges.
By those who seek to rip from us our very dignity and humanity.

When a government resorts to tyranny and mass arrests, it is a sign
that the regime has lost its legitimacy and consequently its hold on

What is happening today in Zambia is the mirror image of what
occurred when the apartheid regime had lost its grip on power in South

What we are going through are the birth pains to a free and
democratic Zambia. I have no doubt that the light will return to our
mother land.

In this hour of pain I pray that God will give you the strength to
endure the tyranny that’s has been unleashed by this ruthless,
despotic and lawless regime.

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