Detained UPND youth Trevor Mwiinde battling for life at UTH chained on bed

Detained UPND youth Trevor Mwiinde battling for life at UTH chained on bed



An incarcerated UPND youth Trevor Mwiindi is battling for his life at UTH Ward E01 bed 10 but chained on the hospital bed and his case cannot take off.

Trevor has been in police detention in Chimbokaila Prison for 3 months now without trial. He was arrested after the PF thugs attempted to disrupt a UPND Woodlands Rally but he intervened to stop the fight at Chilenje’s Chris Corner.

In the fracas where Trevor was restraining UPND members and PF thugs from blood bath, he remained calming the situation until the police arrived on the scene.

But some PF thugs who wanted to Panga their colleagues accused him of being the one who was involved in violence.

As usual, Police got instructions from then deputy Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and arrested Trevor for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

He was initially detained at Chilenje Police station where the charge kept on changing after Kapyongo sensed that the charge he was facing was bailable.

Later when he appeared in court, the charge was now changed to aggravated robbery which is not a bailable offence and has since been in detention in what Kapyongo and PF claims should be a lesson to other UPND youths.

The stupid case never attracted any attention at any one point but perhaps, like late Grazer Matapa, Trevor will only make news when he finally dies in police detention without trial.

Well, this is the level of human rights abuse that goes on in this country daily especially for political opponents while thieves at State House are enjoying looted cash walking freely.

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