Dialysis machine dependant condemns flashing of cash

Dialysis machine dependant condemns flashing of cash


“It is our money they are flaunting as tax payers, but failing to meet basic national needs”

Swithin Haangala Wrote;

While they are flaunting our money in our faces, let me break down the cost we endure as dialysis patients apart from the fluids that are now no longer consistent since government supply is erratic.

They say they have no money to pay suppliers.

Every day I take a cocktail of twelve to fifteen tablets a day for me to stay alive.

These range from bisoprol , losartan, Vitamin B, C,D,E and a cocktail of ten drugs.

Then there is a tablet for Deep Vein Thrombosis which costs K 960 for eight tablets.

I have been taking these for the last six months and I need two packets a month.

Then there are the hospital visits every two weeks, blood tests and scans some as much as 5000 every three months.

In all total cost comes to around 300,000 per year to stay alive.

Other times I miss taking some drugs because they are too expensive.

Without my relatives and friends chipping in I would not be alive to write this by now.

How about those on cancer treatments and other illnesses? Yet someone of dubious background and with no possible trace of employment flaunts huge amounts of cash which is stolen from government and expects me to keep quiet. Aikona man.

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