Diamond TV’s Costa Mwansa denies betraying Kandeta

Diamond TV’s Costa Mwansa denies betraying Kandeta


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Stomach | Journalism: They Are Not Journalists But Social Media Celebrities.*

We are greatly disappointed. What happened to Journalism ethics! Our Editor In Chief was kept in police cells for 7 nights to reveal our source of data. He told the police, he could only do it in court.

Celebrities in journalism have just betrayed a man who was doing his job. A budget speech can be distributed earlier but should not be for public consumption. They can’t stand the idea of spending cold nights in police cells.

The question, though, is “What do they stand for, the truth or fame, and why did they share what was not even controversial?” For breaking news!

UPP president Saviour Chishimba once said his arrest was sealed when he accepted an invitation from Costa Mwansa of Diamond TV who called him for a pre-recorded interview a day before being nabbed.

“I knew that there was something odd about the invitation because I had strange heart palpitations the moment I accepted to go to Diamond TV, but I was not sensitive enough,” Chishimba has revealed.

Chileshe Kandeta, even this shall pass. These are not journalists but social media celebrities.

Journalism for social change.


IT has come to our attention that Social media comments are pointing to Diamond TV as source leading to the arrest and charging of Ministry of Finance public relations officer Chileshe Kandeta and Budget Analyst Lazarous Mwelwa.

The public is assured that there is no name that Diamond TV gave to the Police of the source of the 2021 national budget speech.

Diamond TV would therefore like to dispel in the strongest possible terms assertions in some sections of the media that the station and its CEO Mr. Costa Mwansa betrayed a source in an ongoing investigation relating to the 2021 national budget speech.

The public may wish to know that the station’s CEO was actually appearing before police last week for the second time and at no point did we break our ethics and sacrosanct journalistic practices of confidentiality and privilege.

The Head of News and Current Affairs, George Chomba, was equally interviewed twice without naming the source of the 2021 national budget speech.

As a station, we are restrained to further comment on what is still an active investigation. We however want to assure the public that we stand by our ethos of professional, credible and ethical journalism.

We therefore ask members of the public to disregard the said assertions of selling out our sources with the contempt they deserve.

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