Diarrhoea in PF as UPND ponder featuring Sakwiba for Livingstone

The UPND is likely to feature Lusaka based lawyer Sakwiba Sikota as their candidate for the Livingstone Parliamentary by-election.

But the information which has already leaked to PF is causing panic in the PF camp.

Even if the PF is depending on rigging the election using the on-going voter registration whereby PF cadres are shifting their voting details to Livingstone and Mpongwe, news that Sikota will be the UPND candidate has serious worried the PF.

A PF official told the Watchdog that, ‘even with a weak candidate that reverend Sekwila, the UPND beat us, what more if they bring Saki … he does not need to campaign.’

UPND officials have confirmed that there are discussions with Sikota but that a concrete agreement has not been reached.

Sikota is said to have said that he is willing but very busy with defending former MMD officials been harassed by the PF and the two opposition leaders Hakainde Hichilema and Nevers Mumba being persecuted by the PF

But the UPND also feel that Sikota is needed in parliament and that they want a candidate who cannot be ‘bought’ by the PF.

Sikota is a former MP for Livingstone under UPND and ULP.

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