Dickson Jere tells off Sata

President Rupiah Banda’s mouthpiece Dickson Jere has told Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata to learn some basic form of courtesy in communication.
And Jere has told Sata to wait until he becomes president for him to rescind the decision by president Banda to write-off debts by house owners.

Jere was reacting to a letter which Sata wrote to president Banda asking him to reflect on the wider implications of his decree to write-off residential purchase prices of some parastatal houses.
Jere said the president will not be responding to Sata’s letters which he said are distributed to the press even before they reach State House.

“As an aspiring Head of State, Mr. Sata should learn a bit of communication courtesy that you do not circulate letters to the press before they reach the intended recipient,’ said the overzealous Jere.

He said President Banda’s position on the write-off directive is very clear.
“He will not rescind his decision which he made following numerous petitions from tenants who pleaded with him to write-off debts on their properties, which have been outstanding for over ten years.

“Further, all the tenants who have benefited from this decision paid part of the money towards the total purchase price and were struggling for many years to complete the payments. It is, therefore, illogical for Mr. Sata to suggest that those who paid in full for the houses should be refunded,’ he said.

Jere futher said: ‘Since Mr. Sata argues that there is no legal provision to back this decision, he should then wait until he becomes President (if he will ever be) for him to reverse the decision and compel the poor Zambians to payback the remaining balances on their houses. Alternatively, he can seek legal redress in the courts of law. For now, the situation stands -the houses belong to the sitting tenants as per Presidential announcement of April 16, 2011.”

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