Dictator Sata orders his police to deny opposition rally permit

Zambia is quickly drifting back to one party dictatorship as President Michael Sata has again directed his PF police to deny a permit for the joint opposition rally that was scheduled for this Saturday at Lusaka’s Mtendere grounds.

Opposition political parties that included UPND, MMD, ADD, and ULP, had notified the police of their intention to hold a rally in Mtendere but police, using the archaic Public Order Act, has again denied them citing security reasons.

Sources within State House have disclosed that President Michael Sata himself phoned Inspector General of police Stella Libongani ordering her not to allow the joint opposition rally this weekend.

The PF itself had a rally over the weekend in Mpongwe and their cadres matched in Lusaka streets denouncing Foreign Affairs minister without a notifying the police or getting a permit.

The opposition parties will therefore address a joint press briefing tomorrow at 10:00hrs at UPND secretariat along Lagos Rd to map a way forward in the light of the continued denial of their meetings by the PF government.

Various civil society organisations and the church have all condemned the limiting of freedom of assembly under the PF leadership with Law Association of Zambia opting to seek legal redress in the courts of law.

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